Our army of microorganisms was born with very clear objectives.


Provide efficiency and simplicity.

In a sector where the ranges are increasingly hyper-segmented, consumers are often confused by the vast extension of product portfolios.

For this reason, we have created a universal and honest product, valid for all types of plants, that helps consumers obtain the ideal care in the most comfortable way.


For true BIO lovers.

Because those of us who love gardening also love the environment and want to take care of our plants with products that respect it, all products in our range are natural and free of chemicals. No harmful effects. 100% biological, 100% organic.


The latest in R&D within everyone's reach.

TROOP products are unique in the market and have been widely scientifically proven. We dedicate the maximum effort to biotechnology research to always offer the most innovative and advanced solutions, being prepared to continue providing new products that respond to future market needs.


Stronger together: united we are invincible.

The use of TROOP products individually provides the specific benefits of each range, but combining them with each other gives the most complete care of plants and their habitat.

In addition, they multiply the performance and results of other products or fertilizers that you use regularly, assuming savings in their consumption.


Symborg, Natural Growth.

TROOP has been developed with the guarantee of Symborg, an expert company in research and development of biotechnology and agricultural innovation with more than 10 years of experience in the agricultural sector.


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MIM. The key to success

The Integral Microbial Model (IMM) focuses on the management of very specific and exclusive species of different types of microorganisms that the company has selected for their biofertilizing and biostimulant effects.

The different strains that we have selected work in synergy obtaining complexes of microbiomes, which increase the fertility and biological activity of the soil and provide the necessary functions for the best plant development.