Activation Box 20g

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  • Activation is a rhizospheric microbial complex. A substrate regenerator based on selected rhizospheric microorganisms that increases the microbial population of soils and substrates and the microbial activity in the rhizosphere of plants, thus revitalizing impoverished soils.
  • It acts directly by establishing an efficient rhizospheric microbial flora that guarantees proper plant development.
  • This phenomenon guarantees a higher microbial activity and a higher efficiency in the recycling of nutrients from the substrate solution.

Microbial complex composed of specially selected microorganisms.

  • Universal use product.
  • Valid for indoor plants, garden or orchard.

How is it used?

Diluir 1 sobre de 5 g de producto por cada 5 l de agua y remover.
Regar el sustrato con la mezcla.
Aplicar varias veces al año: Recomendable en Otoño y Primavera.